uteservering under tak, vi eldar vid kyligt väder
Genuint hantverk & smaker från Afrika
Vår butik är inredd i ett stall
Vår Gårdsbutik är i ett gammalt stall.
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Taste of Africa Farm Stall, Baobab Kitchen & Café

Taste of Africa Farm Stall & Café offers moist African cakes & bread baked over fire and our own African coffee & bushtea.

In the farm stall, you will find authentic African crafts, textiles, ceramics, baskets, cast iron pots & much more. Taste our sauces & spices and get inspiration for new food ideas! Be enchanted by something in the shop.. often with story! Baobab Café is in a beautiful outdoor setting under a roof. Our specialty is African cakes & bread, baked with butter, organic eggs and love. We bake over the fire in African cast iron pots. Enjoy a cup of steaming coffee or African bushtea, or perhaps a refreshing exotic fruit juice, served on a tray ... always with a smile.

Sawubona Brunch 3 Sundays in July: 7, 14, 21 at 11.30 - 14.30 ca. (Book in advance!)
Enjoy the summer & the brunch we cook over fire. We listen to somebody telling a story. Sawubona means 'I see you' in Zulu. We believe that everyone has a story to tell. Let us know if you have something to say! We have 30 seats under roof. SIGN UP IN ADVANCE mobile: 0702642109 or email: info@taste-africa.com The Brunch is 225 kr. Discounts for children under 13 yrs. (please ask when you sign up). Gluten free & vegetarian alternatives are available. More details on Facebook closer to the time. While the brunch is on, we cannot not take orders from the coffee shop menu. Instead, you can help yourselves to "fika" in the Café (coffee, bushtea, juice & Nomsa's bread with butter, jam & cheese). After 15, we are ready to take orders from the menu as usual.