Fiske i Gavleån
Fiske i Gavleån
Fiske i Gavleån
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Fishing in the Gavleån River - central Gävle

Fancy catching your own fish supper? You can fish for free right in the centre of town in the Gavleån River just downstream from the Boulogner forest.

The Gavleån River offers great fishing opportunities right in the centre of Gävle; it's free if you fish downstream from Strömdalen's power station by the Boulogner forest.
To ensure future fishing in the Gavleån River, certain rules must be followed and you must carry a fishing permit as proof of having taken note of the fishing regulations in force.

Fishing permit
You can get your fishing permit online at (see link) or collect one in the customer service centre at Drottninggatan 22.

Fishing report
Every year the Lower Gavleån River's fishery conservation area must report how many fish have been caught to the Swedish National Board of Fisheries. It is therefore extremely important that anglers submit a fishing report if they have caught anything. Report your catch directly at or print out a fishing report and complete it by hand; hand it in at the place where you got your fishing permit.

Fishing attendants
Gävle River has had fishing attendants since 2009. Fishing attendants are trained fishery inspectors whose tasks include checking fishing permits and making sure fishing regulations are followed. They are all extremely knowledgeable anglers and safeguard fishing in the river. They are happy to answer questions and provide tips and guidance.