Gävle's Guest Marina
Gävle's Guest Marina
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Gävle's Guest Marina

Gävle's brand new guest marina is located in the Gavle River, near the Alderholmen bridge, between Gävle Strand and Södra Skeppsbron.

The guest marina has 22 spaces for larger boats (up to 12 metre) beyond the bridge, and 10 spaces for smaller boats before the bridge.

Electricity and drinking water is available for all spaces.

Depth: In Gävle's inlet and in the Gavle river, the water depth varies between 4.9 and 3.6 metres (3.0 metres near the Alderholmen bridge)

There is a service building nearby, which is equipped with:
4 toilets
4 showers
1 RWC with a shower
A sauna
A washing room with a washing machine and a tumble dryer.

You are able to empty your latrine, sort your recyclable waste, and leave your hazardous waste.

There is WiFi access. Within walking distance, you will find ATMs, restaurants, convenience stores and health centres.